About Us

Our company started the sale of computer and computer related goods in 2002 independently & attract many customers. We registered our services under Law of companies (2007) on 16th September 2009 (02Staff) officially. HP Company which produces high quality computers in the world, registered us as its partner in 2010 because of our great development through the satisfaction and good respect of our customers. We got the opportunity to become as agents to other companies through our sale and service of government and private companies. They are HP, Dell, Brother, Epson, Asus, Intel, Hi-Vision, Hik-Vision, TP-Link and Pro link. Last year we won the HP awards of Best emerging retail partner and Gold partner PC & Supplies Regional Business 2016. We are the leading company of sale and services of computer & Computer related goods in Northern Province. We sold about 6500 Desktop computer and 5000 Laptop computer, and etc. until now.

Our Services

Varied computer accessories business & services process that in our business. Computer accessories & our services some as follows:-

  • - Intercom & Networking service at mercantile security service.
  • - Desktop computer accessories delivered of Department of animal production, Department of Agriculture.
  • - Intercom,Camera, Networking, Printer & Computers services at Manthikai Hospital & Pradesha sabha Thellippalai.
  • - Intercom, Finger print, Net working at Pradesha Sabha Kodikamam.
  • - Conference Sound System at Pradesha Sabha-Chunnakam. This is 2nd biggest project in Sri Lanka. (1.5Million).
  • - Network Service at Chankanai hospital by access point.
  • - Finger Print Fitting at Municipal Council –Jaffna, Pradesha sabha -Mallakam.
  • - CCTV Camera Installation Departments Ceylon Electricity Board –Chunnakam, Vali North – Pradesha Sabha, Valisouth Pradesha Sabha, Pra.desha Sabha –Velanai.
  • - Finger Print fitting at Pradesha Sabha –Puttur, Pradesha Sabha –Mallakam,Pradesha Sabha -Kayts.
  • - Conference Sound System at RDHS Mannar.
  • - Conference Sound System at Chavakachcheri Hospital & Chankanai Hospital financed by RDHS Jaffna.
  • - Desktop Computers with UPS (170Pcs) & Laptop Computers (20Pcs) delivered at Provincial Education Department Maruthanarmadam.
  • - Desktop Computers (110Pcs) & Laptop Computers & Printers & Projectors delivered at University of Jaffna.
  • - Desktop Computer,Laptops,Printers,Toners &accessories delivered Department some Agriculture Department,Ministry of Agriculture,Chief Secretary Finance-NPC,Ceylon Electricity Board, Divisional Secretary-Mullaitivu, Divisional Secretary-Jaffna,Divisional Secretariat-Mannar, RDHS-Jaffna,RDHS-Mulaitivu, RDHS-Mannar,Building Departments-Northern Province, Pradesha Sabha –Karainagar.
  • - CCTV Camera Installations Departmennts Ceylon Electricity Board, Pradesha Sabha – Velanai, Pradesha sabha – Musali, Pradesha sabha – Karaithuraipattu.
  • - Finger Print fitting Divisional Secretary – Kilinochchi,Building Department –Kilinochchi, Building Department –Mullaitivu,Divisional Secretariat –Madhu, Pradesha sabha –Velanai, Pradesha sabha-Karainagar.
  • - Pradesha Sabha Thellippalai Intercom Purchased & Installation.
  • - National Water Supply –Jaffna Intercom Purchased & Installation.
    Non Government Organize (NGO) Services
  • - Computers accessories Sales & Services at DRC, DDG, Survalanka, World vision, Yarl Vision, Karunalayam(Jaffna,Batticalo).
    Private Sectors
  • - Camera Installation service at Andra, Sri Nathiya, Harihanan Printers, Parcic (Jaffna,Mullaitivu).